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You may have been thinking that I, your beloved Captain, only created the Greatest Superhero Film Of All Time using Xtranormal, but you would be wrong.  Oh, so wrong, Floppyballs.

You see, Paul and Charles were friends long before they became superheroes.

If you’ve ever been in a band, you will recognise the nature of this discussion:

That’s all you’re getting for now.  Don’t be greedy.


Our time together is precious to me.  So precious that I feel I should share more than just pictures.

Do you know what Xtranormal is?  I started to create the Greatest Superhero Film Of All Time using Xtranormal, then they started wanting to charge me for my account.

(Note: DO NOT give me free stuff and then try to charge me for it later, Floppyballs.)

So, I temporarily abandoned the project, leaving only two episodes to fade away into obscurity legend.

You are now about to witness something so magnificent that you will ache to tell your children (even the illegimate ones, you promiscuous prunt) about:

I don’t think there’s really much more to say, is there?

Yes, you heard right.

All the goodness that was over there on the Blogger blog is now here.

I did a quick import, so the formatting ain’t as spiffy on those older musings, but you don’t give a fuck, do you?  No.

Stay tuned, floppyballs.

I might abandon my shit over there on Blogger, Blogspot, whatever the FUCK the Google Masters Of The Universe are calling their shit now.

What do YOU think? Should I abandon that shit, or what?