I Hate Having My Picture Taken, But I Don’t Have A Problem With Google Street View

Posted: 25/03/2010 in Google Street View

There’s entirely too much debate going on about Google’s new Street View facility. What, exactly, is the problem?

Here are a few reasons why people need to stop complaining:

1. If you’ve been caught through the open curtains on your front window parading naked through the room, you are an attention-whore and you should be happy millions can now see you.

2. If you’ve been caught entering a sex shop and you’re so ashamed you actually contact Google to remove the image, perhaps you should be thinking about your motivations in the first place.

3. If you’ve been caught on film vomiting in your city centre, stop drinking so much you chav bastard/slag.

4. If you’ve been caught in the middle of committing a crime…good! I hope you smiled real pretty for the camera.

5. If you’ve been caught sticking a pineapple up your….hold on, I’m fucking laughing my goddamned ass off right now. I’ve just seen a blog that has listed a “CON” of Street View thusly:

-can capture private or criminal moments (ex. leaning over and exposing underwear, drug deal, house burning down, walking out of adult video store)

This person then summarises their “CONS” list by saying Street View “can invade privacy“. I’m sorry, you ignorant shit, but if you’re dealing drugs or committing some other crime (drug dealing is still a crime, right?), then you have forsaken any rights to privacy you previously held. When you eventually get caught and sent to prison, do you think you’ll be taken seriously when you say to your cellmate, “Not tonight, Antoine, I need a little ‘private time’.” Look…Antoine is gonna make you his bitch, so forget about privacy, asshole. Pun intended.

Now…where was I?…

No wait…street view can capture a “house burning down”? Yeah, it’s true. Seems a bit sad that the Google camera crew actually took pictures of that. But wait! This could be a wonderful thing! If the reason the house is on fire is arson, the Google team might capture an image of the twisted firestarter making his getaway. Oh sorry…that would be an invasion of his or her privacy, according to this person.

Now, listen up. I’m as liberal as anyone really should be. I think people can do anything they like, until they infringe on another person’s human rights (and I mean “human rights” in the most universal sense). Once you’ve intentionally and unequivocably committed a crime against another person, that’s it. All bets are off. You are a lonesome fugitive and should not only be shunned by society, but actively hunted down and made to pay for your crime(s). None of this “out on bail” bullshit.

So anyway…what were we talking about?

Oh yeah…Google Street View. Pretty neat.


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